supported by the Norwegian Arts Council


Robel Temesgen

7. May 2016, 8pm

Exhibit runs till 22..May


This series of paintings on paper is an extension of Robel Temesgen's previous project– Adbar, which focuses on the embodiment of protective spirits within various elements of the natural landscape. Adbar is an Amharic term that refers to spiritual places where ritualistic performances are taking place and where offerings are made; these spiritual places also serve as a meeting point for the community.


Following his return to Addis Ababa after two years living in Tromsø, North Norway, it seemed only fair to Robel to contemplate and reassess the memories, time and space that formed that transitory period.


In that view, linking contemplative dots and repetitive yet varied shapes happened to lead the process of artistic creation.


Dot to image

Image to figure

Figure to body

Body to constellation

Constellated dots.


Robel Temesgen (b. 1987, Ethiopia) received an MFA degree at the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and creative writing, in 2015, and a BFA in Painting from ASFAD, Addis Ababa University in 2010. His practice focuses on painting and encompasses elements of performance, installation, video and collaborative projects.


Since 2010, Temesgen is a Lecturer at the Department of Painting, Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, Addis Ababa University. His work has been exhibited in Ethiopia and internationally.