supported by the Norwegian Arts Council




Small Projects will be projecting the live stream of performances happening around the world on day 2 of the Low Lives 4 Networked Performance Festival on 28. April from 9pm to 12am. We will also present the 5-minute performance of Nuria Guiu Sagarra- which she developed especially for Small Projects after she fractured her foot while performing 3 weeks ago,- live in the space and online beginning at apporoximately 9:40 pm.


The 2-day event can be followed on the internet live by clicking the link provided on the top right of this website.


This event is made possible with the collaboration and support of RADART and the Vårscenefest (Spring Stage Festival).


Born in Barcelona, Spain, Nuria began her career as a dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company and continued with the Carte Blanche Dance Company. She has also worked freelance and has done several solo projects, such as Fast Food - Fast Love, La Gotera, Have a Nice Trip, Wonderland Falling Tomorrow, and others.


Usually using a particular character and story as a starting point and beauty and innocence as a framework, Nuria takes a fairy tale atmosphere and blurs it with distorted dark layers to break its purity. For the Small Projects event, she will perform Sing Me In.


This project is made possible in cooperation with Råd Stua theater house, Tromsø.