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Small Projects presents:

Rendezvous at the Fork of Nirvana


Friday, 4. March 2016

8 pm


If love were a leaf and not a tree

one could swallow it whole

but instead I told you:

"The leaf of love does not exist"

and, oh, you hate Rimbaud


Small Projects is very pleased to invite you to our poetry salon and book launch of Niillas Holmberg's much awaited book, The Way Back, bilingually published in Northern Sámi and English by Francis Boutle Publishers (UK).


In an increasingly globalised world, indigenous societies like the Sámi are losing their connections with nature, their land despoiled by intrusive development, traditional livelihoods becoming part of the tourist industry.


Inspired by his studies in northern India at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Niillas Holmberg explores the intriguing connections between Buddhist philosophy and the old natural philosophy of his Sámi forebears. Half the poems here were written on the move; the other half, written in his native land. The ambiguity of these states form the basis of this collection.


Niillas Holmberg is a musician, actor, activist and writer from Ohcejohka in Sámiland, Finland. He is the author of four collections of poetry and has performed at literary events and festivals in Europe, Asia and South America. His poetry has been translated into ten languages. He performs internationally as a musician playing Arctic folk, electronic and world music.


For this special evening we have also invited friends and fellow writers to read their poetry of choice, followed by a surprise performance and DJ set with the inimitable DJ Aikio.


As for our guest artist cocktail, a collaboration between Niiillas and Trond Arnsten has culminated into a unique, limited edition of home-brewed sage and angelica beer with poetry wrapping each bottle.


All welcome.

This event is not to be missed!