WHAT IS LASTING IN WHAT LASTS #2 (ce qui dure dans ce qui dure)


Performance at 9pm, 6. Feb. 2016


Lotus is a dancer and choreographer from France. Her body of work started with the creation of Le Temps l'Emportera, a choreographic piece for two dancers and a light engineer. This performance drove her toward other projects, all of which had a common task, which was to research about the different ways that time and space have to inform each other through the practice of dance and choreography, bending from harmony to discord, dialectic to pure process, autonomy to synergy.


Jean-Luc is a French composer, musician, artist and writer. His musical work subdivides itself into as many ways as occasions arise for him to hink and act with sound. Occasions which has to do with a strong meeting with an outside element, such as an instrument (saxophone/ organ), a theoretical idea, and collaborations with friends.


Jean-Luc Guionnet and Lotus Edde-Khouri's performance at Small Projects is crossing the complicated heirarchies that inform the relation between dance and music.


supported by the Norwegian Arts Council