supported by the Norwegian Arts Council


28. NOVEMBER 2013

7 PM


Embodiments of constellation with dedication to spirits without names… is a story by a man. It is a story of monologue with rituals. This reflects culture where he lives, the space of his mindscape. It is an amalgam of beliefs, speculations, perspectives, mythology and universe that vaguely construct the life of the man. The man is the source of all those stories, or vice verse. They relate to each other through association, interpretation and imagination and construct his world. Greek mythology, Shintoism, Japanese Manga, shadow puppet, forgotten cave drawings, historical Moroccan traveler, visual cognition test and African fabrique among others are the source for his story. The intentional use and misuse of such stories take you to the secret space of his allegory.


Keijiro Suzuki received his BA in Humanities and Social sciences from Nagoya City University, Nagoya, Japan, in 2004. Suzuki completed his MFA in Sculpture from University of Houston in 2010. He has exhibited his projects and work widely such as Houston Center for Photography (Houston, the U.S.), Saltworks gallery (Atlanta, the U.S.), the Blaffer gallery (Houston, the U.S.), Jakarta Biennale #14 (Jakarta, Indonesia) and UniCredit Bank Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria). He has also participated in numerous artist in residence programs including Project Row Houses (Houston, the U.S.), Diverseworks (Houston, the U.S.) Hilmsen residence project (Salzwedel, Germany), GlogauAIR (Berlin, Germany) and Cite International des Arts (Paris, France). Besides his artistic career, he worked as assistant curator for Station Museum of Contemporary Arts (Houston, the U.S.) and also worked as residence program coordinator for Akiyoshidai International Art Village (Akiyoshidai, Japan). He founded alternative space called “the temporary space” and organized several exhibitions and collaborative projects with other art organizations in Japan and abroad.


Keijiro Suzuki will present his new video work that has produced through residence program at Cite des international arts, Paris, France. Also, Suzuki will talk about his previous projects that dealt with installation and story, as well as his community research project that took place in the Philippines in Spring 2013.