supported by the Norwegian Arts Council

Fidel: A Performative Workshop on Cultural and Linguistic-Pedagogic Ethiopian Practices

Led by Robel Temesgen

26-27 March 2015


Fidel is the first workshop in a pedagogic-trade initiative by the members of Small Projects, for 2015: a 'sometimes school' for the non-monetary exchange of 'education' between the pedagogue(s) and student(s). More information about the 'sometimes school' will be published soon.


Over the 26 and 27 March, Robel Temesgen, a multi-disciplinary Ethiopian artist, and MFA student at the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, will be hosting a two-day workshop at Small Projects, open to a limited number of participants for a small fee of 50 NOK. A brief outline for both days of the workshop, and further practical information, can be found listed below.


Thursday 26 March 14:00-16:00 <break> 17:00-onwards


The first day of the workshop will be characterised by learning by performing.


The session will involve a collective-performative learning, and enacting, of the Amharic alphabet, followed by an exercise in the translation of Ethiopian popular culture material - guided by tone, gesture, context, and an intuitive application of the Amharic alphabet. The session will be concluded by a public screening (yet to be confirmed), and drinking session.


Friday 27 March 16:00-onwards


The second session will be more social-oriented.


This session will begin in the evening, we will start the proceedings with a traditional Ethiopian coffee drinking ceremony, followed by a short injera-making workshop (+-30 minutes).* After the injera workshop, the participants will prepare a traditional Ethiopian meal together, and enjoy it in the custom of sharing the food off of one large plate.

After the dinner, we will open Small Projects to the public and hold a workshop in contemporary/ traditional Ethiopian dance. The dance session will be led by Robel, who will teach the group some basic steps, after which the group will watch and mimic the dances featured in contemporary Ethiopian music videos.


Information: The first ten people to confirm their participation will be accepted into the workshop; places will only be confirmed once the prospective participant confirms their attendance by paying 50 NOK to Small Projects by, or before, Thursday 26 March. The 50 NOK will go towards the dinner and some drinks for the evening of the 27th.


*Injera is a national Ethiopian (and Eritrean) dish, consisting of sour-dough risen flatbread, traditionally made with teff flour.