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4. SEPTEMBER 2012,



Brian Lobel is a New York-born, London-based performer who creates playful and provocative installations and stage shows about the body, illness, community and interactivity. His original work has been shown at the V&A Museum, British Film Institute, Tate Modern, Duckie, Sadler’s Wells, Brixton Market and Barbican (London), Edinburgh Festival, Brighton Festival, and in over 80 cities internationally. He has received commissions and grants from Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England, Motiroti, Jerwood Charitable Fou ndation and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. A book of his plays (BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer) was published in 2012 by Oberon Books, as was a DVD of his collected work, published by the Live Art Development Agency, London.

Lobel will have a workshop at the Small Projects involving the students of the Art Academy, but also open to others who are interested in participating. He will al so hold a talk and present works such as "Carpe Minuta Prima", wherein he asks passersby to sell him a minute of their time for £1. If they agree to the Mephistophelian pact, they are brought into an unadorned closet filmed doing anything they wish for 1 minute and asked to sign over ownership of that minute to Brian: “This certifies that Brian Lobel, with my consent, and for the price of £1, has become the exclusive owner of the minute of my life contained within.”

Later, all the collected DVDs are unveiled to the public, each a unique art object containing the participants 1-minute video, their photograph with their earnings on the front, and their contract on the back. Each DVD is then available to buy for the price of £1 and the hard drive containing all archival information is destroyed, ensuring each DVD is a one-off minute of someone’s life.


The highlight of Brian's visit is the performance "PURGE".

Brian Lobel is the creator and victim of the world’s most brutal game of friendship maintenance. Last year, over 4 days of performance in public cafes, Brian talked about each of his 1342 facebook friends for 1 minute, after which time, a jury of strangers voting on whether to keep or delete.


The deleting was real, the pace maniacal, the decisions final.


PURGE recounts this life-altering experiment in a fast-paced, interactive and reflective lecture performance exploring where electronic friendship ends and real friendship begins, and if this is even a relevant distinction anymore.


PURGE has been performed in the London, Brighton, Manchester, Cambridge, Edinburgh, NYC, Paris, Brussels, Ghent, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, Santarcangelo, Tromso, Bern and beyond.


"Probing the basis of why we choose people to befriend and why they want to be our friends is fascinating, and Lobel poses this idea with so much charm that you might feel that you want him to be your friend. Or do you?"


Lobel’s visit is connected to the Due Diligence Development Circuit (DDDC), which Small Projects is a part of.

For more info on Brian Lobel, please visit: http://www.blobelwarming.com/