supported by the Norwegian Arts Council


8. MARCH 2016, 2 - 7 pm



14:00 - 17:00

collective banner making


15:00 - 16:00

Presentation by artist and activist Jessica Whitbread (via Skype)


18:00 - 19:30

Film Screening

“Consent: HIV non-disclosure and sexual assault law” (CA) 27 mins

“RUINS: Chronicles of an HIV witch-hunt” (GR) 53 mins


Feminist dj duo Linn&Humle will be spinning decks throughout the afternoon from 14 through till 18!





Interview with Jessica Whitbread

“ABCs om HIV” publication by Tromsø Kommune released December 1, 2015 for World’s AIDS Day

Comdons & Lube individual packs supplied by Tromsø Sosialmedisinsk Senter

Articles TBC


On 8 March 2016, IMA READ, with the support of Small Projects, will host an International Women's Day event dedicated to loving women living with HIV in Norway. In collaboration with the local chapter of International Community of Women Living With HIV (ICW), IMA READ will host a ♥ POSITIVE KVINNER | LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN event. Our event is aimed at creating discussion around Norway’s current criminalization laws against those living with HIV; reducing and confronting the stigma of AIDS/HIV and, showing love and solidarity to women living with HIV in Norway.


Approximately 5800 people living in Norway are living with HIV and, just under half of these people are women (according to a UNAIDS poll taken in 2014). The current laws in Norway’s penal code 155, place the onus of responsibility of those who are HIV positive to disclose to potential sexual partners: even if sex is consensual and considered to be safe (in some cases with almost zero chance of transmission), they could still be charged by the very ‘risk of infection’ with a conviction and jail time. This law places significant stigma and threat of criminalization on those living with HIV, and sends a public message of criminalization towards those who know their status to be positive, further stigmatizing rather than showing love and support. This stigma, in turn, discourages individuals from getting tested to know their status, leaving the virus untreated, with significant health risks. Currently there is action and pressure to amend this law in Norway, however, it remains the same as when it was enacted in 1905. To find out more read here:


IMA READ has invited artist and activist Jessica Whitbread to exhibit a selection of her own personal hand-made banners declaring statements around topics and issues of HIV/AIDS. These banners have become part of public events she organized, such as No Pants No Problem, Tea Time, and exhibitions and collaborations, such as with Visual AIDS artist group based in New York. They have also been used in direct action protests in Vancouver, Bangkok, Toronto, New York City and on line. On March 8 we will host an open banner making workshop, where IMA READ will create its own personal banner, as well as one in support of women living with HIV in Norway. Jessica will give a short presentation of her work and speak to the current laws of criminalization that exist in Canada and, are parallelled in Norway.




IMA READ: IMA READ is an artist collective based in Northern Norway, established in 2015 through a local urgency for the visibility of intersectional, queer feminist discourses in the North. The group, consisting of artists Georgia Munnik (SA), Calder Harben (CA) and Madelen Eliasson (SE), provides a platform for a collective education on predominantly non-western, non-white LGBTQ2I+ discourses.


LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN: Romance Starts at Home! (LPW) is a project that uses social media to link local grassroots gestures of love. Using Valentines Day as a backdrop, LPW creates a platform for individuals and communities to engage in public and private acts of love and caring for women living with HIV. Going beyond romantic love to deep community love and social justice, LPW is call to action. It requires participants to reflect on how they as either a woman living with HIV or an ally will commit to loving women living with HIV and then do it. Through action, change can be made to fueling economies of love and compassion. Working from a place of strength, LPW focuses on the idea of interconnectedness, relationship building, loving oneself and loving one’s community. By starting from a place of love, within oneself there are endless ways that the negative impacts that HIV has on women living with HIV can be lessened. Love Positive Women happens every year from Feb 1 -14th (we know that we are a little late but we actually think that we should love positive women everyday, so its okay. For more information check out:


International Community of Women Living with HIV is the only global for and by network of women living with HIV. For 25 years ICW has been advocating for the rights of women living with HIV around the world and speaking out about injustice and gender oppression. For more information:






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