RESONANCE(S) in-situ


6.February 2016, 7pm

6.- 14. Feb. 2016


Born in 1968, Franck Dubois is a french artist based in Normandy, France. His work developed around recurring questions covering interrelated issues such as: attention, time, space and their relationship to the sound that unified them. He began working with the question of temporality through photography in 1992, and gradually the questions turned towards the sound space.


Two parallel approches about sound and its representation emerged in recent years. One, primarily based on field recordings which highlight the present but imperceptible sound in our ears (infrasound, ultrasound), the other present an approach about the context of time and the establishment of acoustic in-situ and in real time.


In both cases, the fundamental element of Franck Dubois' work remains the experience of listening and its temporality, upstream and downstream.


supported by the Norwegian Arts Council